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In March 21, 2016

RJ Cantu Walking Dead



Actor & Magician R.J. Cantu is know for his digital Laser Magic Act on ‘Masters of Illusion‘ on The CW Network, ‘America’s Got Talent‘ on NBC and his lead roles on ABC Family ‘The Secret Life of The American Teenager‘ & MTV’s ‘Death Valley





Specialty Laser Act

(Masters of Illusion footage coming this Summer!)

RJ Cantu Laser Act     vlcsnap-2016-03-05-10h34m17s925

R.J. Cantu: The Digitalist is reinventing Magic using Modern Technology mixed with Illusions, invigorating audiences with never before seen magic taking them from dull and ordinary to exciting and amazed. Recently performed across the U.S. including Los Angeles’ “Masters of Illusion” coming to The CW Network this Summer and NBC’s “America’s Got Talent”, now taking his act to the bright lights of Las Vegas. Using state of the art, high end, Laser Technology and the mystifying entertainment of an Illusionist, take your next big event to new depths and give your guests something to remember

RJ Cantu Live

RJ Cantu perform at The Playboy Mansion

Performer At The Magic Castle


Amazing Close-Up Magic at your Event Before the Show


RJ Cantu Close-Up

RJ Cantu Live

R.J. Films ‘Masters of Illusion’ for The CW Network


RJ Cantu and Dean Cain

R.J. Cantu with Host Dean Cain backstage for ‘Masters of Illusion’

R.J. Cantu Films ‘America’s Got Talent



RJ Cantu America's Got Talent

RJ Cantu America's Got Talent



RJ Cantu on Lifetime

R.J. Cantu on Lifetime Movie

Recurring Role on ABC Family

RJ Cantu The Secret Life...


R.J. Cantu Lands Lead on MTV TV Series

RJ Cantu on MTV


PR & Red Carpet

RJ Cantu Walking Dead

Walking Dead Season Premiere


Walking Dead Red Carpet Premiere

RJ Cantu Interview

RJ Cantu Red Carpet


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