RJ Cantu Stars in MTV’s ‘Death Valley’ as ‘Rico’ the Vampire

R.J. Cantu, a young actor who is co-starring as Rico the party guy, in the ongoing first season of the popular TV series ‘Death Valley’. He’s a fresh, young face with loads of talent and positive energy.


Above photo: Sweater by Vince

With several progressively larger roles in TV shows such as Veronica Mars, The Secret Life of The American Teenager, this young bilingual (Spanish and English) Texan is making his move.

R.J. Cantu has a background in magic (he’s a member of the Worlds Famous Magic Castle and founder of Magic Space Xtreme), and has landed his biggest role yet, in the MTV ‘mockumentary’ Death Valley about zombies, werewolves and vampires taking over the San Fernando Valley.


Above photo:Pants and sweater by Vince

In Death Valley, he plays the character Rico, a guy that likes to throw special undead parties with lots of sexy, young women.

Here, he gives DA MAN‘s Yann Bean an exclusive interview and reveals his interest in, among other things, SpongeBob Squarepants underwear.


Above photo:Pants and sweater by Vince

DA MAN: Your favorite journey has been…
R.J. Cantu: 
Leaving my small hometown in Texas after high school to live and study in New York City to pursue my acting—talk about a culture shock. I just remember thinking, ‘there’s a whole big world out there full of new and exciting experiences.’ I later moved to L.A. to land a role in ABC Family’s The Secret Life of the American Teenager and now MTV’s hit show Death Valley. It just feels good knowing that if you stay focused, work hard and never take no for an answer, you can achieve anything.

DA MAN: One of your most memorable experiences is…
R.J. Cantu:
Traveling to the Bahamas with the family. Anytime I get the dual opportunity to take time off from work and spend it with family is the best! We spent a few days on the beautiful island of Cozumel. I have never seen clearer waters, eaten better food or had the chance to swim with dolphins!

DA MAN: You value…
R.J. Cantu:
My mother. Being a single parent and raising me must have been one hell of a ride. I love her to death! She’s taught me good morals and to always go after your dreams. Without her, I would be lost.

DA MAN: Something you haven’t told anyone is…
R.J. Cantu:
I wear SpongeBob SquarePants underwear from time to time … true Hollywood story.


Shirt by Emporio Armani, pants by Vince, shoes by Converse

DA MAN: Fashion to you is…
R.J. Cantu:
About expressing one’s self, letting go and being in the moment. Different clothes can make you feel or act a certain way. Clothes also play a huge factor on how others interact with you. Try it! Go out one day dressing very upscale and the next dressed down, and see how differently you’re treated.

DA MAN: Your motto in life is…
R.J. Cantu:
Balance. The ying and the yang. Make sure your body and soul is in harmony. Just know that if negativity is flowing in your life, let it go! Fill the negativity up with positive energy and you will stay more centered. More balanced

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