“Magician R.J. Cantu” appears on another season of “Master’s of Illusion” on “The CW”

Magician R.J. Cantu floats an orb on The CW's "Master's of Illusion"
R.J. Cantu on The CW “Master’s of Illusion”

The CW Network kicks off another season of “Master’s of Illusion” where the top magicians and illusionists perform their astonishing acts in front of a live studio audience. The main stream T.V. series is hosted by celebrity host Dean Kain and will continue airing throughout the summer.

R.J. Cantu performing Live on “Master’s of Illusion” on The CW

You can catch Magician/Illusionist R.J. Cantu performing his all new floating orb act in front of a live audience airing Friday Night 8/7c

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